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How to incorporate more Enjoyment in work

Do you enjoy what you do at work? I have been reading FLOW by pioneer of positive psychology Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi and I just read about his study of “Pleasure and Enjoyment”. There are some key take away’s that we can learn about why we “enjoy” things and I have tied in ways we can incorporate … Continue reading

Tell sticky stories

“On June 12th 2011, I’m turning 9. I found out that millions of people don’t live to see their 5th birthday. And why? Because they didn’t have access to clean, safe water so I’m celebrating my birthday like never before. I’m asking from everyone I know to donate to my campaign instead of gifts for … Continue reading

Startups should take notes from talk shows

The other day I was at home watching the Ellen Degeneres show. The segment I saw was an interview with a single mom who was going through the struggles of raising two daughters on her own. Her financial struggles lead her to sacrifice everything for her daughters. Her story went on to talk about how … Continue reading

Be cautious of who you surround yourself with, you ultimately mirror them

Take a quick look at the people you are constantly surrounding yourself with. Then make a list of adjectives that describe them. Now, make a list of adjectives you want people to describe you as. Do these two list match up? The point is we often mirror our environments and surroundings. If we are constantly … Continue reading

How to win the Indy 500 of life

Many of us face times where we believe to achieve our highest potential, we have to push ourselves to the extreme limits continuously. We are suppose to physically push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, and then do it again with a quick surge of a 5-hour energy. I read a great analogy in a … Continue reading

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