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Be cautious of who you surround yourself with, you ultimately mirror them

Take a quick look at the people you are constantly surrounding yourself with. Then make a list of adjectives that describe them. Now, make a list of adjectives you want people to describe you as. Do these two list match up?

The point is we often mirror our environments and surroundings. If we are constantly surrounding ourselves with people who are more social, we will gravitate towards acting more social. If we are constantly isolating ourselves ( I am definitely a victim to that), we will believe we want to be more introverted and act more in solitude.

I read a great article about Tony Hsieh ( CEO of Zappos and a personality you wouldn’t normally describe as outgoing) and how he is constantly hiring people who are more intelligent and social than he is. Those are two things he wants to draw more out of himself and he knows that by surrounding himself with these types of people, he will act more like that.

Defining ourselves and figuring out what characteristics will make us truly happy is a key element towards success and fulfillment. I know this may seem obvious, but take a quick look to see who surrounds you. If your dream is to be an entrepreneur but you spend most of your time with accountants and human resource managers, you will tend to act like them.  Define your list of happiness characteristics and make sure your are surrounding yourself with people who highlight them. They will draw the best traits out of you and ultimately turn your wants into life habits.

My list:

1. Social/fun

2. Entrepreneurial

3. Helpful

4. Happy

Who I am surrounding myself with:

1. My brother may be one of the most social ( but weird, random, and funny) people I know. I am always so surprised in his ability to bring people together. It makes me take action on stepping outside of my comfort zone and becoming more social. ( I am willing to take the risk of his weirdness rubbing off on me for the social benefits!)

2. I work for a startup and also am an associate at TechStars which is the hub for entrepreneurship in Seattle. Doesn’t get much more entrepreneurial than being in their office. Also, I have found a bunch of entrepreneurial networking events around the city and will make it a habit to attend and build relationships with like minded people.

3. TechStars is a mentorship driven program with the purpose to help grow the entrepreneurial community. Mentors from all over dedicate their time and knowledge to help new founders become successful, so I know being in an environment like that will foster my passion to help others.

4. Sayaka Ogura is my best friend. She is the epitome of happy and you will never find her without the biggest smile on her face. If you look up happy in the dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprise to see her picture there.

What’s your list?

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