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Lessons I learned from the worst sales email I have ever read

I just received an email today from a sales rep at a company I won’t say, but was so thrown off by it I had to blog. To give some context to this email, a sales rep emailed me about 5 months ago to see if I would be interested in purchasing anything from her … Continue reading

Quote: Mitch Kapor

“…within each of you who are doing a startup, who have an idea about innovating and making a difference, if you can find your point of connection in your heart to the difference you want to make and operate from that, that is going to be the biggest asset in the world” – Mitch Kapor

My suggestions to take Startup Weekend EDU to the next level

At the Startup Weekend SEA EDU I organized, we had the honor of having Mitch Kapor keynote our closing ceremony. One of the greatest things I took away from his keynote directly related to my experience being the lead organizer for Startup Weekend EDU and passionately wanting to make the most impact. Mr. Kapor talked … Continue reading

Things Startup Weekend Organizers Should Know Before Planning

Well, it has finally been a week after the┬áStartup Weekend SEA EDU┬áthat I organized and I believe I am almost fully recovered (written after taking a 2.5 hr nap in the middle of the day). There were many things I took away from the weekend and one thing I wanted to write about were things … Continue reading

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