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What I learned about “People” from Vancouver Startup Weekend

This past weekend Shane Reiser and I took the train up to Vancouver to facilitate the Vancouver Startup Weekend event. The event went off extremely well hosting around 130 participants that formed into 14 teams and all had amazing demos. There has been many great blog posts covering the event, so I don’t want to … Continue reading

Seattle needs to invest more in developing early adopters

I came up with this very complex equation: Problem solving products + lots of community early adopters = more immediate customer validation and “successful” startups Let’s look at how Seattle plays into this equation. 1. Early adopters = visionaries who see potential in ideas and will deal with imperfections in the initial stages of products. … Continue reading

Zappos walks the walk and continues to “WOW”

June 2010 marked the beginning of the “Happiness” and “Customer Service” business fad that surged the world. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, wrote his book “Delivering Happiness” which covers his story towards Zappos and the experiences that have shaped not only his philosophies but the remarkable culture at Zappos that everyone idealizes. Now, I definitely … Continue reading

The Superpower of Smiling

Yesterday I went for my regular run and it just wasn’t my day. My body was just physically exhausted from the week, the weather was extremely cold, I didn’t warm up very well, slept horrible the night before but needed to make sure I got out to do my physical exercise. There is a public … Continue reading

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