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Zappos walks the walk and continues to “WOW”

June 2010 marked the beginning of the “Happiness” and “Customer Service” business fad that surged the world. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, wrote his book “Delivering Happiness” which covers his story towards Zappos and the experiences that have shaped not only his philosophies but the remarkable culture at Zappos that everyone idealizes.

Now, I definitely have nothing bad to say about his viewpoint, I am an avid studier of both positive psychology and investing in remarkable customer service, but with any new theories there are a majority of people who don’t fully understand the concepts and take only the best bits and pieces. For example, when this book became popular, everyone thought they needed to have the same exact weird, fun, WOW culture Zappos has and then they believed their businesses would turn around and become as profitable at Zappos did… definitely not true which is why a lot of these theories become fads in the long run.

Whether it’s lean startups or happiness theories, it is always interesting to see how certain companies stick to their “values” they so much preach. Whether it really is a core value that they continue to live by or if it was something they just caught the wave of and has slowly transitioned out of their marketing schemes once times started to become tough.

Last week I sent 1 simple tweet to @Zappos_Service and magically yesterday this showed up in my mailbox.

A package including the Zappos culture book, 18 Zollars (Zappos employee dollars), stickers, tattoos and a bookmark. I opened the package and right on cue the first thing I said was “Wow!” Who knew that one tweet would lead to them reaching out to me let alone them sending me all these little gifts. I know any company could easily send out these gifts but the real kicker that added the “WOW” personal touch was how the Zappos service team all wrote me small individual notes. Here are some examples:

JB wrote, “We love you Joey, YA HEARD!!:)”

Kara wrote, “Hey Joey, Hope you enjoy the book! Have a Zaptastic Day.”

Justin wrote, “Joey, Welcome to the Zappos Family. You earned a little Zappos cash too!! Enjoy the book :)”

Best one, John Hancoch wrote, “Welcome to the thunderdome!” haha

The Delivering Happiness book was released over a year and a half ago and this small but extremely powerful gesture is proof that Zappos is the real deal and how they have truly built a company that lives their core values.

I was a believer of how remarkable customer service lead to building evangelists in the world, but today I have become an even bigger believer in its power. Their gift lead me to take the following actions IMMEDIATELY after opening it:

1. Take a photo and share it to 95 instagram followers
2. Tweet to 276 followers how much I loved Zappos
3. Shared with 935 Facebook friends
4. and tell 1 mom. Then… My mom and I went directly to Zappos.com to purchase items from them (I have never seen ANY company make someone out of the blue stop whatever they were doing and make them decide to purchase from the company)
5. Write this blog post

I truly am inspired by what Zappos is doing and I been turned into a superfan of theirs. In whatever you are working on, I encourage you to do the same for your audience. GO ZAPPOS!

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