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‘Imi ola in 2012: To Seek life at its very best

I have been reading a book called Managing with Aloha and it ties Hawaiian cultural values into successful business. One of the great passages I just read was on the value of ‘Imi ola: To seek life at its very best.  “‘Imi ola is to seek life. As a value it teaches us that our … Continue reading

First Trips for my Startup Weekend Mission

Announcing the first 3 events I will be attending on my Startup Weekend Mission. 1. Jan. 13th -15th Seattle, WA  2. Jan. 20th – 23rd Jacksonville, FL 3. Jan. 27 – 30 Bergen, Norway 

My Startup Weekend Mission Trip

I have recently stopped working at TeachStreet and would like to announce what I will be doing next to you all. Maybe there are parallels between what I will be doing and what you are looking for, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. While I was … Continue reading

What I learned about “Aloha” from Hawaiʻi

To someone who lives outside of Hawai’i, the word “Aloha” has been marketed to solely mean “Hello” or “Goodbye”. But realistically Aloha is not a phrase, slogan or a piece of marketing material. To people that truly understand Aloha, it is a way of life. Pono Shim (CEO & President of Enterprise Honolulu, the Oahu Economic … Continue reading

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