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Feedback on my new SW Slide Deck

In preparation for my StartupWeekend Mission, I have created a new slide deck which I will be presenting at each Startup Weekend I facilitate on this 3 month journey. The basic premise for these slides is to do a quick introduction to Startup Weekend, give a framework to the all participants of what will happen throughout the entire weekend and give some helpful tips to make them more successful. This presentation is the first impression participants get for the weekend.

Here is the typical Friday evening slide deck that is used:

Here is the new slide deck I created:

Now, understand that these are my slides and some of them won’t completely make sense since I am not there speaking along with my visual but I wanted to get your feedback on design, flow, ease of following and length of the presentation.


How can I improve it?

Is it as effective as the original presentation?

What type of impression do you get from this?


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