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The Start of a Journey

Today I finally start my “Startup Weekend Mission.” A grueling 3 month journey I have crafted to facilitate a Startup Weekend event every week in a different city around the world.

Startup Weekend Vancouver

The motto for this journey is: Learn. Design. Empower. 

The ultimate goal is to find new ways to empower the world. My approach is to first learn as much as possible. Learn about best practices, learn about diversities in culture and how that affects change and entrepreneurship, then learn about myself and how I can have the most impact on this world. Once we are able to know what it takes to design the strongest communities, this will lead us to be able to empower this next generation to truly change the world.

I am not sure how you truly prep for a journey like this and I have no idea where this will lead me after. Maybe I will help connect entrepreneurs that start the next Facebook, maybe I will come up with my own idea to change the world or maybe I will just come back and nothing will have changed.  All I know is that I am ready to take this leap of faith because I do believe something big will come out of it. I feel as if I do need to take some action to create my own destiny and this journey will help answer some of those major “meaning of life” questions I have.

Today I start in Jacksonville, Florida. I will Learn, Design and Empower that community. I hope the rest of the world is ready! 😉 Feel free to join me on this journey and wish me luck!

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Kesterson)

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2 thoughts on “The Start of a Journey

  1. Learn. Design. Empower. LOVE IT! Look forward to learning from you along the way!

    Posted by Mark Horoszowski (@markhoroszowski) | January 19, 2012, 7:24 am
    • Sounds EPIC!

      Perhaps a tailored best practices is needed for each unique culture/place/people in order to make it the strongest. Perhaps each community has its own dynamics that demand a particular custom design. But I believe your exposure to so many different perspectives will grant you a window to identify patterns. I am curious to know if you start observing a global set of best practices… something you see amongst all people, within… that drives us, that motivates us to desire cooperating with each other to develop the strongest, most efficient and flourishing community.

      Then translate all that data into a practical blueprint and hey, the potential to fix the world is finally reachable!

      You never know 🙂

      You’re going to LEARN so much, more than you can imagine right now. Enjoy the ride! Stoked to see you perpetually progressing in your life journey, and lookin forward to continue learning from YOU 😉


      Posted by Hans Bruz | January 21, 2012, 4:17 pm

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