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Want to build a new Startup Hub? Try a Strength-based community approach

Imagine your child comes home with the following report card: As a parent, which grade would you say deserves the most attention from you? Gallup research found out that 77% of parents say that they would focus on the F. Now, the question didn’t say that if you select one, you¬†completely¬†forget about the others, it … Continue reading

What do NYC, Startups and the Super Bowl have in Common?

I just got back from an amazing trip to New York City and let me say first off, “GO GIANTS!” Being in the city of a team that wins the Super Bowl is quite amazing let alone when that city is a place like New York the amount of chaos automatically triples! Instead of the … Continue reading

4 things Norway’s Socialism can teach Entrepreneurs: Startup Weekend Mission (Pt. 2 Bergen)

Sorry for the late post, I am still recovering from the jetlag and sickness I caught traveling from Seattle > Bergen, Norway > and now New York City so hopefully this post makes a little sense and has some interesting content. I met some absolutely amazing people in Bergen and wanted to focus this post … Continue reading

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