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Caine’s Arcade. A Story of a 9yr old All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.

This is Caine. He is 9 years old and is a complete inspiration to not only the entrepreneurs out there but to everyone. He spent a summer at his fathers auto repair shop in East L.A. and did something absolutely remarkable that is a true sign of not only a successful entrepreneur but a fulfilled … Continue reading

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Help write the book

As I have been traveling these past 4 months on my Startup Weekend Mission, one thing I asked a handful of people in every community I entered was simply, ” Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” There are so many people coming to Startup Weekend’s around the world with the aspirations of starting … Continue reading

What Austin’s “Weird” Vibe Taught Me About Founding Teams

I have had the privilege of going to many different startup eco-systems all over that are in various different stages of their growth but it is an amazing feeling being in a community that feels like it is right on the cusp of going from under the radar to a thriving community. Enter Austin, Texas. … Continue reading

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