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Caine’s Arcade. A Story of a 9yr old All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.

This is Caine. He is 9 years old and is a complete inspiration to not only the entrepreneurs out there but to everyone. He spent a summer at his fathers auto repair shop in East L.A. and did something absolutely remarkable that is a true sign of not only a successful entrepreneur but a fulfilled human being. This great video done by Nirvan Mullick tells the amazing story of Caine the entrepreneur that can inspire us all.

There are too many great parts to this story, I mean… Fun pass calculator security?!?! I would invest in this kid any day! But here are a few simple things Caine has instilled in me that all of us aspiring entrepreneurs should think about:

1. Dive into what you are passionate about
One thing that I love about kids is that they haven’t been molded into something yet. They haven’t been told out of what they are creatively passionate about. They haven’t lived through the world of “NO” that we all have suffered from. Dive back into yourself and don’t be scared to find what you are truly passionate about, not what the world thinks you should be doing.

2. Take action
You can sit back on something you are passionate about or you could just take action. You owe it to yourself to take that leap of faith on what is meaningful to yourself and for Caine it was building his own arcade. Stop talking about what you would like to do, go do it.

3. Get lean
Caine was doing customer development at the age of 9! He prototyped his own games, obviously they weren’t anything fancy but his cardboard games were his MVP. The best proof was at 2:28 he starts talking about his soccer game and got feedback that “[the game] was too easy, so [he] bought army goalies to be his blockers…” He build a product, shipped it, got feedback and iterated. Unreal.

4. Be creative with limited resources
Caine’s dad narrated about something Caine asked him, “… he said ‘Dad, I wanna buy a claw machine’ so I said why don’t you just build it. So he got an S hook, put a piece of yarn on it and then put a little track on top of the box…

This is the essence of entrepreneurs. You only have so many resources and it is what you able to do to leverage them into something far greater than what they original are perceived to be. This is the bootstrapping phase that separates good entrepreneurs from the great ones.

5. Don’t let “NO” discourage you from a passion
As an entrepreneur you will be constantly selling your ideas and most of the time people will shut you down. In the part of east L.A. that this auto repair shop was in, they would barely get any walk up customers to the shop let alone ones who would be willing to play in a cardboard arcade, but that didn’t discourage Caine from continuing to pursue his passion. The “No’s” are suppose to happen and it is how you deal with the put downs that will make you succeed.

6. Hard work
Dad asks Caine in the car, “Hey Caine, can we go home early today? We had no customers.”
Caine quickly and with authority responds, “NO”

Dad responds, “Come on, your dads tired”
Caine, “No can do!

This one is simple and even a 9 year old gets it. Sometimes we just have to do that extra work to get the payoff we want. We all will face tough and tiring times but it is expected as an entrepreneur trying to succeed. DO WORK SON!

There is an immense amount that we can all learn from this kid. Sometimes the complexities in life need to be stripped down to the basics and we need to be reminded of how we use to be as children. One last big take away I got from Caine was at 7:50 – 8:04 in the film. The meaning of life is shown in the genuine smile Caine had in this time frame. This feeling is something we should all strive for in what we do with our lives. There is no amount of money that could give this genuine smile to anyone. This type of happiness only lives within a true passion. Find it and work towards it. Thank you Caine and Nirvan for inspiring us and to Caine’s dad for allowing your son to be as wild and imaginative as he can be.

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2 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade. A Story of a 9yr old All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.

  1. This is literally one of the greatest things that I have seen on the web! Giving to the creativity of this brilliant young boy is amazing. I have to admit that I am just as impressed with the filmmaker who purchased the first “fun pass,” and to top it all off, one person pioneered and created this campaign that sparked the good will in so many people. To everyone who helped make this kids day by contributing to this big day for him…I say you all rock 🙂 Please head over to his site and donate to this brilliant kids future! Who knows, you could help a kid who could spark a revolution 🙂 http://cainesarcade.com/

    Posted by Eric E. Strait | April 15, 2012, 12:14 am


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