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Want A Crash Course In Stanford’s Design Thinking? Here it is for free (Pt. 1 Empathy)

The Institute of Design (D.School) at Stanford has become one of the most talked about institutions recently because of the methodology they are spreading around the world to improve our lives through a collaborative approach that inspires human centered innovations. Last week I had the absolute privilege of being a part of the Design Thinking … Continue reading

What > a year of Startup Weekend has done for my life

This is what I call empowerment and life changing. Approximately 9 months ago I had my first taste with this global movement called Startup Weekend. I was the lead organizer for Seattle’s first Startup Weekend EDU. One weekend with this amazing company has not only changed my life but it has accelerated my growth towards … Continue reading

“Ho brah, HOWZIT?!” What Pidgin Taught Me About Building Community

Ahhh… the beautiful, soothing, homie sounds of pidgin the fosters the air in Hawai’i. Not to be confused with pigeons, the birds, Hawaiian pidgin english is rooted in its history as the creole language that was created on the plantations as the way that immigrants who lived in Hawai’i could communicate to effectively work together. … Continue reading

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