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1 Year Anniversary. Thank You Startup Weekend for All You Have Done

Exactly year one ago today was the Friday night of the first Startup Weekend event I had ever organized. This was my first real affiliation being a part of the global movement and looking back it is absolutely incredible to see what I have done in the past year. I am blessed to be able to work with amazing and inspiring people, to do something I am passionate about and I have an incredible time working every single day. I wrote a post before on what > a year of Startup Weekend has done for my life, so here is the updated version.

I have traveled: 64,242.36 miles around the world

I have made it into the 20+ Startup Weekend events club 🙂

I have logged 1080 hours specifically at Startup Weekend events

I have helped 1870 entrepreneurs launch a startup

On top of that, some of the unforgettable memories:

I have eaten everything from Norwegian Gråsteinbit aka Wolf Fish, to Mississippi’s award winning friend chicken and green beans.

I had no idea the fish I at in Norway actually looked like this…

I have celebrated in the city who won the Super Bowl

In Times Square right after the Super Bowl

I have crashed a Governors inauguration party

Governor Gregoire of Vancouver! Thanks for the open bar and free buffet!

I have watched a countrys soccer team compete in the Euro Cup

In Copenhagen watching Denmark play on a big screen TV in a park

I have rock climbed

Climbing w/ Climb Aloha at Makapu’u

I went to the university founded by Thomas Jefferson

University of Virginia

I went to SXSW first time.

Our SXSW party which has 17k RSVPS!

Some of the amazing people I have met this year:

Vinod Khosla
Steve Blank
Michael Arrington
Mitch Kapor
Kevin Systrom
Mike Krieger
Sebastian Thrun
Enrique Allen
Emily Pilloton
Dawn Lepore
Saras D. Sarasvathy

Out of all these experiences, it has been the Startup Weekend family that has made it all worth it.

To Marc and Franck, you guys are a true inspiration to me. You have taken this small event into a global movement that has only scratched the surface of its potential. You have taken a cool idea into a world class organization that changes the lives of people in over 100 countries. You have taken a fun weekend into a program that helps individuals find their lives passions. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

To Adam, you were the first person I met at Startup Weekend and I personally thank you for not only guiding me in the right direction but you were the one that really brought me into the SW Family. Getting to know the inside of this organization and how the machine works, I have become astonished of your work ethic. It definitely has been a key to the growth of this movement.

The Smooth Operators; Shimmy Keith, Turbo, Ms. Reyes, JB, Milk Shake, and Brett Nakatsu Sauce, you are the lifeblood of this entire movement. Can you recall the first Startup Weekend event you went to? Just remember that you are spreading that feeling of community, passion, joy and enlightenment across the globe. That feeling is why Startup Weekend works and the work you put in allows for thousands of people every weekend to share what you felt originally.

London Ladies: Deb and Anca! I am absolutely astonished by what just you two have done for all of Europe. Especially being remote, the courage, strength and incredible entrepreneurial skills you have just to grow Startup Weekend to the level it is in Europe is mind boggling. You are a true inspiration.

Business and Marketing crew: The OTHER Joey, Gabe, Mitchell, Claire and Ludo. I absolutely think this team couldn’t have been better built. Every element of what business and marketing should be is pieced together so well with you all. The story of what we do continues to be created and told by the work you all do. I am excited to see where you take us on this journey.

EDU: Paul Bunyan aka Rhasta of reform aka Khalid! One of the most intelligent guys I have met. I am inspired by your approach not just with Startup Weekend but in life in general. The spirit in which you live your life with is infectious and the results have been shown with your success so far.

Ms. Finance, Ashley: From the first event I organized, I couldn’t believe all you do and I still don’t understand it! Your work ensure the sustainability and growth of this global movement. Without what you do and what you do ALONE, we would not be able to have the reach and impact we continue to provide.

Tech Crew; Steven & David. You guys absolutely rock. In the non-profit/non-technical world which our company actually is, you two are ones that open the doors for scalability and impact. It is remarkable to see what innovative people build at Startup Weekends, but when you bring that type of skill set that allows ideas to become a reality and combine it with the passion which flows through our company, that is when some world changing things can happen. I am excited to see where you lead the this company in the future.

Gus y Melina! My friends! Besides the fact that you are beginning to change the face of your countries entrepreneurial landscape, I am privileged just to call you my friends. Just in the short time we have spent together at work, I believe you two are some of the most genuine people and I am inspired by your positive spirit.

Google Guy aka Mr. Backflip; You are the closest I could ever get to a real ninja… which has been my ultimate dream in life. You may have the ultimate gig where you are changing the world as your job by day and I think you are saving the world by night as an actual ninja… my ultimate ultimate dream.

Sara,  you just rock! And you know it 😉 Community support it at the heart of what we are and I thank you for your positive spirit in helping our global movement.

New friends: Chris, Chris, Brendan, Jessica, Paul, Jamie, Marion; To see us continue to grow and be able to have amazing people join the movement is what it is all about. I look forward to seeing how we work together to ensure we continue to do our job but also bring in more people like yourselves.

Startup Weekend, you have truly changed my life. Thank you and I can’t wait to see where this next year takes me.

About Joey Aquino

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4 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary. Thank You Startup Weekend for All You Have Done

  1. Awesome – thanks for sharing, Joey! It’s been fun just reading about it…

    Posted by Mark Horoszowski | September 28, 2012, 11:02 pm
  2. Wooow, you met Steve Blank? That’s awesome – I hope to meet him too in this lifetime.

    Congrats for the hard work and cheers for the fun!


    Posted by Oana Calugar (@cherryoana) | October 2, 2012, 8:13 pm
  3. Congrats! That is just fantastic! Startup Weekend is the beginning of all beginnings!

    Posted by Demi Wetzel | November 5, 2012, 7:54 pm

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