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The Start of a Global Startup Battle

Today marks the first day of one of the largest movements I have been a part of. Startup Weekend begins our “Global Startup Battle” which is our largest initiative for entrepreneurship education all packed into one week. Currently, Startup Weekends are held in 107 countries and just this year we are planned to do almost 600 events around the globe. Just this week we will be working with +10,000 entrepreneurs, +1,200 teams and be hosting 140 Startup Weekend events. We have become the single largest starting point for entrepreneurs and the catalyst for startup ecosystems all around the world. It is phenomenal to see the growth in entrepreneurship and I encourage you all to take part in your own local startup ecosystem somehow.

Check out this crazy list of where just my coworkers are going:

Me: Bangkok (#SWBKK) and Honolulu (#SWUH)
Adam: Japan (#SWFukuoka, #SWTokyo, #SWKyoto)
Brett: Ghana (#SWAccra)
John: London (#SWLondon) Stavanger (#SWsvg)
Danielle: Manchester (#SWManc) and Zagreb (#SWZagreb)
Tawnee: Sydney (#SWSydney) Brisbane (#SWBrisbane)
Zach: Davao (#SWDVO) Cebu City (#SWcebu)
Mitchell: Caracus (#SWCaracus)
Gus: Guadalajara (#SWGDL) Ciudad Juarez (#SWJuarez)
Anca: Bucharest (#SWVampire) (#SWLithuania)
Marion: Strasbourg (#SWStras) and Bretagne (#SWBZH)
Steven: Tulsa (#SWTulsa) and Copenhagen (#SWCopenhagen)
Keith: Victoria (#SWVictoria)
khalid: toronto (#SWToronto)
David: South Bend (#SWSouthbend)
Sheikh: Milwaukee (#SWmke)
Claire: New Haven (#SWNewHaven)
Franck: Boston (#SWBoston)

Good luck everyone! Get ready for a wild ride!

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4 thoughts on “The Start of a Global Startup Battle

  1. *high five*

    Posted by Anca Foster | November 10, 2012, 9:00 am
  2. Hello there. I needed to inquire some thing…is this a wordpress website as we are thinking about transferring across to WP.
    Moreover did you make this theme all by yourself?

    Posted by Heike | June 28, 2013, 10:32 pm


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