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My Bday Wish This Year!

March 22nd is my birthday and I have one gift I am asking for and that is for everyone to participate in the next Startup Weekend Seattle event with me! Startup Weekend has been one of the most transformative things in my life and I would love for all you amazing people to be able to see what this part of my life is all about.


If you have never been to a Startup Weekend it is an event that focuses on experiential education for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. This comes in the form of a 54hr weekend startup blitz that brings together developers, designers and business people to pitch new ideas, form teams and spend the entire weekend launching the first steps of an actual startup. Mentors from the local startup community (investors, entrepreneurs and startupers) are brought in also to work with the teams throughout this process which is a phenomenal experience in itself. This is the epitome of “Learn by doing.”

I am looking for a crew of bday friends to join me and if you do I have a 30% bday discount for you. Who wants to join the bday posse?!

Here are some details: 

When: March 22 – March 24

Where: Facebook Seattle Office in South Lake Union

Site: http://seattle.startupweekend.org/


Group photo from Startup Weekend Vancouver

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