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10 Tips On How To Rock This Startup Weekend Event

*Updated 11/12/2015 My name is Joey Aquino and this is me hanging out with a real wild African cheetah.   I have been involved in tech for the last 5 years where I worked at a small startup that got acquired by Amazon.com and now I am a business development manager at Amazon.com focused on … Continue reading

For The Sake of Humanity, Try This 1:1 Challenge :)

Inspired by Paige Pauli Over the past several months I have started to realize how much I consume in life. Whether it is looking at my Instagram feed, going out to eat, constantly on pandora, checking my email, or watching t.v., these things things that have been created to solve a certain problem or to … Continue reading

3 Headlines I Wish The Media Would Use About Saudi Arabia

I am an American. 12 years ago my country was attacked by a terrorist group led by a man from the Middle East. My country engaged in many years of war to find those responsible — and as a byproduct, has created a culture of fear, ignorance, and judgment on our own soil. All because … Continue reading

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