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For The Sake of Humanity, Try This 1:1 Challenge :)

Inspired by Paige Pauli

Over the past several months I have started to realize how much I consume in life. Whether it is looking at my Instagram feed, going out to eat, constantly on pandora, checking my email, or watching t.v., these things things that have been created to solve a certain problem or to make for a more efficient world has become more like a drug that has turned off one part of my brain and made me addicted towards being fed something constantly. One key quality that I see in all successful people is the constant need to create/produce things. They have an instinct in their life to take action rather than to sit back and wait for something to be done for them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 6.34.29 PMA couple months back I had a great conversation with a friend of mine named Paige Pauli and we were discussing how we both felt like we were constantly consuming information due to the accessibility to information but it wasn’t until she said, ” I have to stop myself sometimes because I feel like I am not producing nearly as much as I consume…” My over obsessive consumption habits had me even forget about the other side to the equation. This immediately reminded me of a quote one of my mentors from back in Hawaii said to me which was,

“If you aren’t generating anything meaningful for this world, you minus well die. 🙂 You are just sucking the world of its rare and valuable resources but not making it a better place.”

Had I fallen into this trap? Had I become a worthless human that just takes from the world but doesn’t produce anything for it? Well… maybe not to that extreme but you get my point. So, I started taking note of ALL the things I consumed in my day in a notebook.

Here is how my notes started:

1. 7:30am – Alarm on phone goes off, check my Gmail
2. 7:32am – After Gmail, check my Instagram
3. 7:35am – After instagram, check my Facebook
4. 7:37am – Brush my teeth w/ Crest and a Sonicare
5. 7:40am – Bump Pandora
6. 7:41am – Run water to shower and use Dial body + hair wash, Neutrogena face wash
7. 7:49am – Use 3 different skin cremes (I have 3 prescription cremes for eczema, not just super metro)
8. 7:50am – Apply Degree Deodorant
9. 7:55am – Check my Gmail
10. 8:00am – Checked GeekWire

… wtf? 30min after I wake up for the day I have consumed 10 things and I still haven’t produced anything. The list got far worse and it got to a point where I was just far too tired of tracking all of the things I consumed. Then I thought of a few things:

1. How many things do I produce throughout my day?
2. Is there anything in my day that I consumed that could be replaced by producing something instead?
3. How can I lower the things I consume throughout my day?

So I made the 1:1 Challenge and I am challenging you all to do this with me. The goal is that for 1 whole day can you Produce as many times as you Consume something throughout that day? Think of the Tom’s shoes model but for your life :). Now I know this is nearly impossible but really try it. I am over half way through my day and it has been a very challenging but eye-opening experience for me. My current ratio is 20:13 (Consumption:Production).

Some quick ground rules:

1. You have to keep a log somewhere of all things consumed and produced. I am using a notebook because anything online would definitely tempt me to consume more via blogs or social media.

2. You can bundle actions such as “eating breakfast” as one point of consumption rather than counting all the different foods consumed during that meal.

3. Each point of consumption via application/web-app should be logged separately (i.e. EVERY time you check Facebook throughout the day or video you watch on YouTube should be a separate item)

4. Production can be defined by you but some examples I have used so far are writing this blog post, singing and beat boxing in the shower instead of listening to music (which was a hilarious experience), writing 5 emails is equivalent to 1 point of consumption, etc.

5. You have to tell someone that you are doing this to keep you accountable. I told my roommate and Turbo Tawnita.

Good luck and I would love to hear from anyone who takes this on this challenge. Reaching out to me and having an inspiring conversation can count as a production item!

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