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Congrats on Retirement Dave!

It is very rare you meet someone, especially at a bar, who then turns out to have a monumental impact on your life. I am not just talking about great advice from a mentor or someone lending a hand when you are in need, I am talking about someone who then goes on to be … Continue reading

My 2015 Good & New Recap

Hey Everyone! If you areĀ someone who has gotten to know me over the past few years, you probably know that one thing I do quite often is ask you, “What is something good and new in your life?” I picked that up in college because I truly believeĀ happiness is a mindset and something as little … Continue reading

If You Are Launching An App You Should Read This. My 4 Tips To Getting Featured

*This is not an official post from Amazon.com, just my own personal opinion As a business development manager for the Amazon Appstore my job is to help app developers get integrated into the Amazon Appstore and become successful within the Amazon ecosystem. Part of my job is recruiting new developers to our platform and another … Continue reading

2014, The Year of Change.

Do you ever have those moments in life where you feel the universe is trying to tell you something? Maybe it’s signs that you keep noticing or a constant gut feeling that won’t go away. The beginning of 2014 has definitely been one of those moments for myself and I feel like the universe is … Continue reading

Top US Startup Ecosystems by the AngelList Numbers. Bay Area Still Dominates

**[UPDATE] Found out from Naval that the SF numbers are included in the Silicon Valley numbers]** Every startup ecosystem around the globe has been chasing the bay area in hopes to replicate their success locally in the startup world. Especially living in Seattle where the west coast rivalry is even hotter I have read numerous … Continue reading

Evolving the #StartupWeekend Judging Criteria

Hey Startup Weekend Community! There seems to be some chatter regarding the new SW judging criteria so I wanted to open up this for discussion to all of you. The previous criteria was something that was tested at multiple events and something we had gotten feedback from our community on but as you know iterations … Continue reading

10 Tips On How To Rock This Startup Weekend Event

*Updated 11/12/2015 My name is Joey Aquino and this is me hanging out with a real wild African cheetah.   I have been involved in tech for the last 5 years where I worked at a small startup that got acquired by Amazon.com and now I am a business development manager at Amazon.com focused on … Continue reading

For The Sake of Humanity, Try This 1:1 Challenge :)

Inspired by Paige Pauli Over the past several months I have started to realize how much I consume in life. Whether it is looking at my Instagram feed, going out to eat, constantly on pandora, checking my email, or watching t.v., these things things that have been created to solve a certain problem or to … Continue reading

3 Headlines I Wish The Media Would Use About Saudi Arabia

I am an American. 12 years ago my country was attacked by a terrorist group led by a man from the Middle East. My country engaged in many years of war to find those responsible — and as a byproduct, has created a culture of fear, ignorance, and judgment on our own soil. All because … Continue reading

My Bday Wish This Year!

March 22nd is my birthday and I have one gift I am asking for and that is for everyone to participate in the next Startup Weekend Seattle event with me! Startup Weekend has been one of the most transformative things in my life and I would love for all you amazing people to be able … Continue reading

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