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For The Sake of Humanity, Try This 1:1 Challenge :)

Inspired by Paige Pauli Over the past several months I have started to realize how much I consume in life. Whether it is looking at my Instagram feed, going out to eat, constantly on pandora, checking my email, or watching t.v., these things things that have been created to solve a certain problem or to … Continue reading

“What’s your SpaceJam?” Advice from Kid President

As “Kid President” would challenge you, “What’s your SpaceJam?” When the going gets tough, don’t give up or else you may never create those awesome things in life like how Michael Jordan never quit in basketball and ended up creating one of the world’s classics… “SpaceJam” 🙂 I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded … Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade. A Story of a 9yr old All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.

This is Caine. He is 9 years old and is a complete inspiration to not only the entrepreneurs out there but to everyone. He spent a summer at his fathers auto repair shop in East L.A. and did something absolutely remarkable that is a true sign of not only a successful entrepreneur but a fulfilled … Continue reading

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Help write the book

As I have been traveling these past 4 months on my Startup Weekend Mission, one thing I asked a handful of people in every community I entered was simply, ” Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” There are so many people coming to Startup Weekend’s around the world with the aspirations of starting … Continue reading

What do NYC, Startups and the Super Bowl have in Common?

I just got back from an amazing trip to New York City and let me say first off, “GO GIANTS!” Being in the city of a team that wins the Super Bowl is quite amazing let alone when that city is a place like New York the amount of chaos automatically triples! Instead of the … Continue reading

Top 10 Muhammad Ali quotes that inspire the entrepreneur

Today is Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday. Though he was a boxer, his vision, philosophy and passion was one that could only inspire every human being. Here are the top 10 quotes(not in ranked order) I found that inspire the entrepreneur.   1. “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can … Continue reading

‘Imi ola in 2012: To Seek life at its very best

I have been reading a book called Managing with Aloha and it ties Hawaiian cultural values into successful business. One of the great passages I just read was on the value of ‘Imi ola: To seek life at its very best.  “‘Imi ola is to seek life. As a value it teaches us that our … Continue reading

What I learned about “Aloha” from HawaiÊ»i

To someone who lives outside of Hawai’i, the word “Aloha” has been marketed to solely mean “Hello” or “Goodbye”. But realistically Aloha is not a phrase, slogan or a piece of marketing material. To people that truly understand Aloha, it is a way of life. Pono Shim (CEO & President of Enterprise Honolulu, the Oahu Economic … Continue reading

What I learned about “People” from Vancouver Startup Weekend

This past weekend Shane Reiser and I took the train up to Vancouver to facilitate the Vancouver Startup Weekend event. The event went off extremely well hosting around 130 participants that formed into 14 teams and all had amazing demos. There has been many great blog posts covering the event, so I don’t want to … Continue reading

Zappos walks the walk and continues to “WOW”

June 2010 marked the beginning of the “Happiness” and “Customer Service” business fad that surged the world. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, wrote his book “Delivering Happiness” which covers his story towards Zappos and the experiences that have shaped not only his philosophies but the remarkable culture at Zappos that everyone idealizes. Now, I definitely … Continue reading

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