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A Quote From Steve Blank That I Will Always Remember

I had the absolute honor of meeting Steve Blank at his ranch in Silicon Valley last week and was blown away to say the least. Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder and/or the part of 8 startups in the valley which he went through 4 IPO’s. Steve now has turned to … Continue reading

“Define” Pt. 2 Of My Stanford Design Thinking Crash Course

Taking what you were able to unpack with your story maps in the empathy stage, it is time to define the user inspired problem. The ultimate goal of the “Define” stage is: 1. To develop a deep understanding of your users and the design space. 2. To create an actionable point of view (POV) which … Continue reading

Want A Crash Course In Stanford’s Design Thinking? Here it is for free (Pt. 1 Empathy)

The Institute of Design (D.School) at Stanford has become one of the most talked about institutions recently because of the methodology they are spreading around the world to improve our lives through a collaborative approach that inspires human centered innovations. Last week I had the absolute privilege of being a part of the Design Thinking … Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade. A Story of a 9yr old All Entrepreneurs Should Learn From.

This is Caine. He is 9 years old and is a complete inspiration to not only the entrepreneurs out there but to everyone. He spent a summer at his fathers auto repair shop in East L.A. and did something absolutely remarkable that is a true sign of not only a successful entrepreneur but a fulfilled … Continue reading

What Austin’s “Weird” Vibe Taught Me About Founding Teams

I have had the privilege of going to many different startup eco-systems all over that are in various different stages of their growth but it is an amazing feeling being in a community that feels like it is right on the cusp of going from under the radar to a thriving community. Enter Austin, Texas. … Continue reading

How to incorporate more Enjoyment in work

Do you enjoy what you do at work? I have been reading FLOW by pioneer of positive psychology Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi and I just read about his study of “Pleasure and Enjoyment”. There are some key take away’s that we can learn about why we “enjoy” things and I have tied in ways we can incorporate … Continue reading

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