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A Quote From Steve Blank That I Will Always Remember

I had the absolute honor of meeting Steve Blank at his ranch in Silicon Valley last week and was blown away to say the least. Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder and/or the part of 8 startups in the valley which he went through 4 IPO’s. Steve now has turned to … Continue reading

Top 10 Muhammad Ali quotes that inspire the entrepreneur

Today is Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday. Though he was a boxer, his vision, philosophy and passion was one that could only inspire every human being. Here are the top 10 quotes(not in ranked order) I found that inspire the entrepreneur.   1. “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can … Continue reading

Quote: Mitch Kapor

“…within each of you who are doing a startup, who have an idea about innovating and making a difference, if you can find your point of connection in your heart to the difference you want to make and operate from that, that is going to be the biggest asset in the world” – Mitch Kapor

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