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Evolving the #StartupWeekend Judging Criteria

Hey Startup Weekend Community! There seems to be some chatter regarding the new SW judging criteria so I wanted to open up this for discussion to all of you. The previous criteria was something that was tested at multiple events and something we had gotten feedback from our community on but as you know iterations … Continue reading

10 Tips On How To Rock This Startup Weekend Event

*Updated 11/12/2015 My name is Joey Aquino and this is me hanging out with a real wild African cheetah.   I have been involved in tech for the last 5 years where I worked at a small startup that got acquired by Amazon.com and now I am a business development manager at Amazon.com focused on … Continue reading

3 Headlines I Wish The Media Would Use About Saudi Arabia

I am an American. 12 years ago my country was attacked by a terrorist group led by a man from the Middle East. My country engaged in many years of war to find those responsible — and as a byproduct, has created a culture of fear, ignorance, and judgment on our own soil. All because … Continue reading

My Bday Wish This Year!

March 22nd is my birthday and I have one gift I am asking for and that is for everyone to participate in the next Startup Weekend Seattle event with me! Startup Weekend has been one of the most transformative things in my life and I would love for all you amazing people to be able … Continue reading

Lesson’s Learned From #GSB2012: 5 Elements That Every Startup Grassroots Movements Needs

A few weeks ago, our entire organization set out across the globe for the biggest week of our entire year which we call our “Global Startup Battle.” 140 Startup Weekend events all held within 1 week. Check out my previous post for the list of where just my co-workers traveled to here. I may have gotten … Continue reading

The Start of a Global Startup Battle

Today marks the first day of one of the largest movements I have been a part of. Startup Weekend begins our “Global Startup Battle” which is our largest initiative for entrepreneurship education all packed into one week. Currently, Startup Weekends are held in 107 countries and just this year we are planned to do almost … Continue reading

1 Year Anniversary. Thank You Startup Weekend for All You Have Done

Exactly year one ago today was the Friday night of the first Startup Weekend event I had ever organized. This was my first real affiliation being a part of the global movement and looking back it is absolutely incredible to see what I have done in the past year. I am blessed to be able … Continue reading

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