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Can we accelerate commercialization of research w/ Startup Weekend?

An interesting topic that has come up recently for myself is taking what we do with Startup Weekend and applying it into other realms. Most recently at universities around the world I have had a couple interesting asks on if we could apply our 54hr model specifically to university research. The main reason for this … Continue reading

“Ho brah, HOWZIT?!” What Pidgin Taught Me About Building Community

Ahhh… the beautiful, soothing, homie sounds of pidgin the fosters the air in Hawai’i. Not to be confused with pigeons, the birds, Hawaiian pidgin english is rooted in its history as the creole language that was created on the plantations as the way that immigrants who lived in Hawai’i could communicate to effectively work together. … Continue reading

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Help write the book

As I have been traveling these past 4 months on my Startup Weekend Mission, one thing I asked a handful of people in every community I entered was simply, ” Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” There are so many people coming to Startup Weekend’s around the world with the aspirations of starting … Continue reading

What Austin’s “Weird” Vibe Taught Me About Founding Teams

I have had the privilege of going to many different startup eco-systems all over that are in various different stages of their growth but it is an amazing feeling being in a community that feels like it is right on the cusp of going from under the radar to a thriving community. Enter Austin, Texas. … Continue reading

“Charlottesville. Kind of like the Silicon Valley, but w/ History!”

This past weekend I had the privilege of facilitating Startup Weekend Charlottesville! What an amazing time I had seeing so much of our nations history and meeting some amazing startupers along the way. Their Startup Weekend tshirts had this self proclaimed motto: ” Charlottesville. Kind of like the Silicon Valley, but with History!” I sent a picture … Continue reading

7 Steps To Building a Community, Once You Have Their Attention

Through my travels facilitating Startup Weekends in different communities all around the world and especially through the influence of my last experience up to Kelowna, BC, I have come up with a linear process for what I have seen necessary to build any type of community, once you have their attention. Here are 7 steps … Continue reading

Ideas to Improve Impact for Startup Weekend inspired by SxSWi

I was fortunate enough to attend the South by Southwest Interactive and had many takeaways that I believe may be interesting for SW to explore. 1. Startup Weekend Healthcare vertical to work with Healthcare.gov I went to a lean startups panel called “From the White House to the Boardroom, what you can learn from the … Continue reading

Ideas to improve impact of Startup Weekend inspired by SoSummit

*Disclaimer: This was an exhausting brain dump of all thoughts. There probabl is luts of grammer erors 🙂 First off I just wanted to thank the entire Startup Weekend crew for hosting an amazing summit that brought together all 150 organizers from all around the world together this past weekend at SxSW. It was truly … Continue reading

Want to build a new Startup Hub? Try a Strength-based community approach

Imagine your child comes home with the following report card: As a parent, which grade would you say deserves the most attention from you? Gallup research found out that 77% of parents say that they would focus on the F. Now, the question didn’t say that if you select one, you completely forget about the others, it … Continue reading

What do NYC, Startups and the Super Bowl have in Common?

I just got back from an amazing trip to New York City and let me say first off, “GO GIANTS!” Being in the city of a team that wins the Super Bowl is quite amazing let alone when that city is a place like New York the amount of chaos automatically triples! Instead of the … Continue reading

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