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If You Are Launching An App You Should Read This. My 4 Tips To Getting Featured

*This is not an official post from Amazon.com, just my own personal opinion As a business development manager for the Amazon Appstore my job is to help app developers get integrated into the Amazon Appstore and become successful within the Amazon ecosystem. Part of my job is recruiting new developers to our platform and another … Continue reading

Top US Startup Ecosystems by the AngelList Numbers. Bay Area Still Dominates

**[UPDATE] Found out from Naval that the SF numbers are included in the Silicon Valley numbers]** Every startup ecosystem around the globe has been chasing the bay area in hopes to replicate their success locally in the startup world. Especially living in Seattle where the west coast rivalry is even hotter I have read numerous … Continue reading

My Bday Wish This Year!

March 22nd is my birthday and I have one gift I am asking for and that is for everyone to participate in the next Startup Weekend Seattle event with me! Startup Weekend has been one of the most transformative things in my life and I would love for all you amazing people to be able … Continue reading

Lesson’s Learned From #GSB2012: 5 Elements That Every Startup Grassroots Movements Needs

A few weeks ago, our entire organization set out across the globe for the biggest week of our entire year which we call our “Global Startup Battle.” 140 Startup Weekend events all held within 1 week. Check out my previous post for the list of where just my co-workers traveled to here. I may have gotten … Continue reading

The Start of a Global Startup Battle

Today marks the first day of one of the largest movements I have been a part of. Startup Weekend begins our “Global Startup Battle” which is our largest initiative for entrepreneurship education all packed into one week. Currently, Startup Weekends are held in 107 countries and just this year we are planned to do almost … Continue reading

Out Of All The Places I’ve Been Here Is One Place Investors Need To Start Looking At…

Here is a model that Startup Weekend has designed that represents an entrepreneur’s journey. When people evaluate startup ecosystems they usually start analyzing at the point after a startup has already been formed (i.e. at accelerator programs). The problem is so many things happen in an entrepreneurs life before they actually launch a company. Entrepreneurship … Continue reading

A Quote From Steve Blank That I Will Always Remember

I had the absolute honor of meeting Steve Blank at his ranch in Silicon Valley last week and was blown away to say the least. Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder and/or the part of 8 startups in the valley which he went through 4 IPO’s. Steve now has turned to … Continue reading

One of our Country’s Most Important Programs: The Last Mile

I am constantly hearing about new ideas and new programs and it is very rare I come across one that stops me in my tracks and automatically clicks with the immense amount of impact it could have on our world. The Last Mile was one of them that I just came across. Please watch this … Continue reading

Can we accelerate commercialization of research w/ Startup Weekend?

An interesting topic that has come up recently for myself is taking what we do with Startup Weekend and applying it into other realms. Most recently at universities around the world I have had a couple interesting asks on if we could apply our 54hr model specifically to university research. The main reason for this … Continue reading

Want A Crash Course In Stanford’s Design Thinking? Here it is for free (Pt. 1 Empathy)

The Institute of Design (D.School) at Stanford has become one of the most talked about institutions recently because of the methodology they are spreading around the world to improve our lives through a collaborative approach that inspires human centered innovations. Last week I had the absolute privilege of being a part of the Design Thinking … Continue reading

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